November 8th, 2019

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Motorization of gates and garage doors : A wide range of solutions

Accessory comfort as security, the motorization of gate and garage door is nonetheless a complex project because it requires the consideration of a large number of variables!

You want to improve the comfort of access to your home? Why not consider motorizing your gates and other garage doors? Equipment prices have dropped significantly and the arrival of connected technologies, to pilot and program remote openings using a smartphone to simplify your daily life and improve the security of your home.

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The different types of openings

Before you even ask about the choice of the motorization, you must first identify the type of opening of your gate or your garage door. This is the type of opening you have that will clearly determine the type of engine that you can put in place.

Regarding the portals, the choice is quite simple because there are finally only two types of openings:

  • sliding

In this first case, the movement takes place laterally on a rail sealed to the ground.

  • clapper

In this case the leaves are opened or closed by means of motorization devices .

Everything is more complex when it comes to garage doors. The multiplicity of types of opening, implies specific technical choices for the motorization. Before making a choice, clearly identify the type of opening installed in your home, to direct you to a compatible motor.

  • Tilting garage door

When you have a swing door, a one-piece panel rotates up and inside your garage.

  • Sectional garage door

In this case, your garage door consists of different panels of 40 to 50 cm section. Each panel is articulated. Opening is done either horizontally (upwards) or laterally .

  • Rolling garage door

The garage door is made up of different blades of low height that wind around a cylindrical axis housed in a trunk.

  • Swing garage door

A swing garage door consists of two independent panels opening towards the outside of the garage to allow the closing of the garage doors, once the vehicle parked.

  • Folding garage door

It consists of vertical panels that fold on themselves along a rail.

A question of weight

Beyond the type of garage door, it is the weight that will have to support the system of motorization which will have to condition your choice. The material of which the opening is made determines the weight of the garage door.

In PVC, the garage doors are obviously lighter. Steel and iron are the heaviest materials. The wood is in an intermediate position. If you have aluminum garage door, the weight is comparable to PVC.

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The choice of motorization

Once you have identified the different variables that may affect your choice, you can move towards the type of motorization that suits your situation.

There are four major families of motorization .

  • With articulated arms

This type of motorization is to be reserved for swing gates or garage doors and can withstand high loads. It is also the simplest type of motorization to install.

  • Rack and pinion

A rail is attached to the ceiling or a wall accompanies the motor in its movement to open the garage door.

  • sliding

Whether using a rail or a rack, this type of motorization, adapts to all types of material but make sure to choose a model adapted to the weight of the opening to avoid disappointments.

  • Semi-buried or buried

More aesthetic because invisible, this type of motorization however requires more work which can affect the amounts to invest. Attention also, this device is not recommended for opening whose weight is important.

  • Axial tubular

A motorized axis is positioned above the opening and ensures the winding of the motorization garage door on itself.

  • With cylinders

This motorization is suitable for swinging models and heavy gates. It is ideal in highly windy areas.

Standards and obligations

For security reasons and especially to protect passers by when the opening gives on public roads, a number of devices are mandatory.

Thus the standard NF EN 13421 1 imposes the use of a system equipped with an automatic stop in case of obstacle detection .

The flashing devices, visible from both sides of the portal should be integrated in the installation. In case of opening towards the outside (towards the public road), a marking on the ground is obligatory.

Wondering about accessories and options

Even if the automations are now very reliable, models with a manual release system will be preferred , which will make it possible to open the gate manually. Note that some models have a battery that can be used even in case of power failure.

Some brands offer photovoltaic power kits that can save electrical connections sometimes expensive and complex.

If the option is offered, always opt for kits with multiple remote controls.

Switch to connected motorization

With the advent of smartphones and connected technologies, manufacturers have developed applications that allow remote control of drive systems.

If one of the occupants of the house has lost or forgotten his remote control, you can open it remotely wherever you are and without limit of scope. It will also be possible to program the opening or closing hours of the garage doors. So many features offering more comfort and security!