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Regardless of your age, Newcastle physiotherapy you prevent, relieve and treat various health

Newcastle physiotherapy is a health science whose role is to allow you to regain the maximum of your physical capacities so that you can carry out your daily activities, carry out work, practice leisure or a sport, and this, according to your condition and your recovery potential. It thus promotes your autonomy while allowing you to remain active in your personal and social life.

What does Newcastle physiotherapy treat?

Back pain, sprains, dizziness, capsulitis, motor development problems in children, incontinence are some examples of problems that Newcastle physiotherapy can help treat.

In general, this discipline of health is involved in the treatment of physical disabilities that result from injuries and illnesses that can affect:

  • muscles,
  • joints,
  • bones,
  • the neurological system (brain, nerves, spinal cord),
  • the respiratory system (lungs),
  • the circulatory system (blood vessels) and
  • the cardiac system (heart).

What are the different treatments used in Newcastle physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy professionals, Newcastle physiotherapy or physical rehabilitation therapists, may use different ways to treat you, for example:

  • manual techniques;
  • exercises;
  • electrotherapy (ultrasound, laser, etc.);
  • hydrotherapy (treatment in water) and
  • thermotherapy (ice or heat).
Newcastle physiotherapy
Newcastle physiotherapy

Newcastle physiotherapy

You are at the heart of the treatment?

It is important to remember that Newcastle physiotherapy treatments are based on the self-empowerment of the patient. So, you are the main actor in the different stages of your treatment and you have an important role in its progress. The physiotherapy professional is there to support and guide you in this process.

Do you know the two physiotherapy professions?

The physiotherapist and the physical rehabilitation therapist are the only Newcastle physiotherapy professionals recognized by the Quebec professional system. Find out more about these two professions, but also how to become physiotherapy professional.

When and for what to consult?

Wondering if physiotherapy can help you? Do you have questions about the right time to consult a physiotherapy professional? Find out what problems and conditions physiotherapy can treat.

How Newcastle physiotherapy is working?

What happens when you consult Newcastle physiotherapy? How much does it cost? Does the insurance reimburse the treatments? This section will provide you with answers to these questions.


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