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Frequently Asked Questions About Building Inspection

building inspection

1. What is a building inspection?

The purpose of the building inspection is to identify major defects that reduce the use, enjoyment or value of a building or that pose a risk to occupant safety. It also aims to ascertain the state of the elements at the time of the building inspection. The building inspector observes and comments on the status of systems and components to inform his client.

2. What does the building inspection report include?

The building inspection report is sent to you by email in pdf format. It usually includes about thirty pages (depending on the age, condition and area of ​​the building). Each inspected component is listed, along with recommendations and photographs taken for building inspection.

3. How to prepare for the building inspection?

To prepare a house for a building inspection, it must be ensured that the building inspector can have easy access to the components of the house. The building inspector is not required to move furniture or unscrew access to the attic door. It would therefore be appreciated to make all the components accessible.

4 Is my presence required during the building inspection?

Your presence is necessary in order to sign the contract binding us and giving us permission to carry out the building inspection. You are not required to accompany us throughout the building inspection. However, being present during the building inspection will allow your building inspector to better inform you about the property, in addition to providing you with information on its maintenance. You will also obtain more easily and more precisely, answer to your questions.

5. What is the wait time to get the building inspection report?

On the day of the building inspection, a verbal report will be provided by the building inspector to inform you of the general condition of the property. Subsequently, a maximum delay of 48 hours is expected for the reception of the final report, by email.

6. Do I really need a home inspection when I want to sell my property?

This building inspection will allow you to learn more about the current state of your property. You will have the right time before a potential buyer comes to visit. Knowing all the qualities and defects of your property, you can tell the potential buyer. He will not be able to use these arguments during the final negotiation of the price.

7. What does a building inspection report contain?

A building inspection report is a written document that provides an overall picture of an immovable or property at the time of the building inspection. This document contains the details of the components and systems found inside the building or property, while indicating the problems encountered.

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